- Touring ski session in Belledonne, Maurienne with Greg, Flo and Jean-Phi, winter 08. 'trying to jump over this nice kicker we found: 
- 1st attempt (Crash!!!)
  "Les Aiguilles d'Arves" in the foreground! :)
- 2nd attempt (Landed, though I almost crashed again!)

- Kink rail in ski, snow park les 7 Laux, France. winter 08

- Woodgas stove, DIY project, summer 07

- Alex and Bertrand's holiday in Finland, Christmas 06

- Midsummer Fest around Belfort, summer 05. Improvised fire spitting session

- Boomerang session in the Vosges mountains, Pré de la Haute-Bers, summer 05

- Snowshoe tricks, Abraham & Xav, Finland, winter 05