this section is dedicated to my current and futur projects

- Trail Running
 Hopefully next year (09)
    Le grand défi des Vosges, 50 km in the mountains (difference in altitude: + 1200m) to complete in less than 7 hours... Just wanted to give it a try. Hopefully, my crazy Czech fellow will be in the same boat... another stupid project which suits us well.

- DIY Tents   
    In  DIY projects, I'm working currently on a tarptent for one person (2 in extreme conditions!) for my future solo (and maybe duo with the smurf!) bivouaks. My mother just offered me a sewing machine! But damned! it's quite hard to sew pieces of silnylon together....  planned for this summer

- tandem bike
I had for a long time the dream to have my own tandem bike.
I realized it when I bought a tandem bike from ebay in spring 2006.  It was in a rather bad state, as shown here:

tandem 02

tandem 03

tandem 04

tandem 05

However, I'm currently working on it. I hope it will be ready for the summer 2008.

- Central Asia backpacking trip
 hopefully in summer 09, I really have to force myself to learn the basics of Russian...