Long Story Short is...

Some pictures and a few lines about:

Some weekends,
Some holiday trips,
Some "interesting" experiences,
And other insignificant things happening to me...   :)

      Long Story Short is...         Long Story Short is...         Long Story Short is...         Long Story Short is...         

7th of November 2008
Awesome gig from Kìla in Navan!!  Listen to their best album, according to me.

25th and 26th of October 2008
Weekend in Donegal with smurf.

16th and 17th of October 2008
First irish "scrambling" in the highest mountains of Ireland. Overnight trip at the Carrauntoohill. Wet wet wet!  but enjoyable. What I learnt is that you should always stay humble towards mountain you don't know...  Barely more than 1000m, they have all of the big mountains!

6th of October 2008
' just bought myself some new street skates from Xsjado!  'went out with Joonas for a session at the blanchardstown center...  videos coming soon!

28th of Septembre 2008
Short week in  France.  During my weekend in Belfort, Marion, Dje and I went to look for "cistes". We found one  :-)

13th and 14th of Septembre 2008
Week-end in Galway and Letterfrack, Connemara, with anita and Mikko.  Nice ev' at the old monastery hostel, which is still a great place.  I was there in 2003 with Franck and Baptiste.

2nd to 5th of September 2008
After a long time without physical exercice, I went solo for a four days hike along the wicklow way, on the East coast of Ireland. The first long distance path or Ireland is 127km, but I had to give up 14km from from the end because of poor weather. It was rainy and windy for 3 days out of 4, with a real storm on the last day... pity. But I still enjoyed the hike!

9th and 10th of August 2008
Overnight bike trip with a few friends from Randonner-Leger.org in the Nothern Vosges nature park.

14th to the 31st of July 2008
Holidays in Montenegro. Hiked the CT-1 trail from Verusa to Zabljak in 4 days (about 120km). Spent a week with my hungarian friend adam and a few of his friends. Assisted to the riot of ultra-nationalists against the arrestation of Karadzic in Belgrade just taking my bus back to France! :)

8th to 10th of July 2008
Holidays in Ardèche, South of France. With Bertrand and Franck. Canoe trip along the Ardeche river and via ferrata of le Thueyts.

4th to 6th of July 2008

Eurockéennes de Belfort

27th of June 2008
Night walk in Belfort with Filipe from Brazil.

21th and 22th of June 2008
Tour de la Vallée de la Thur, Alsace.  125km, 4000m of positive height, about 30 hours expected... Finally, we got lost during the night... and just completed 80km and walked 24 hours.

19th of June 2008
Tentative à la Tour Percée, Chartreuse. With Alex. Didn't find the arche... but we found "l'arche miracle". Quite unexpected! A first experience in "alpine" hike.

6th to 8th of June 2008
Week-end in the Pyrénées with the team of Randonner-léger.

1st of June 2008
Day walk in the Bauges. First time I visit this range of mountains. 

24th to 25th of may 2008
A weekend in the foret des Coulmes, a very remote area in Vercors. A quiet evening around the fire, before the forest wakes up... suddenly, a lot of noise around us... some paths... sounding like human paths.. probably a wild boar... but if it was a...?!! arrrg... difficult to fall asleep in those conditions. Finally, we managed to sleep (not much!) and woke up in the morning very relieved to see lights and the surroundings....  This forest is very scary! for sure the scariest I 've ever been to...  Try to hike there if you dare.

 10th to 12th of may 2008
FIMU musique festival in Belfort.

9th of may 2008
A day in Europapark with Anita, Marion, Dje, Alex, Beber, Alice and Mathias.

3rd to the 4th of may 2008
2 days hike in the North of Chartreuse with the Smurf, Marion and Camille. Camille's bro and some of his friends joined us later at the alpette mountain hut. Had fun running down the mountain the next day.

26th of april 2008
touring ski trip with Alex at the crêtes du Brouffier, Taillefer. Wild visit of the old factory of Sechilienne.

13th to the 19th of april 2008
Spring holidays in Corsica.

5th of april 2008
touring ski with Greg, Flo & Jean-Phi at the balmette mountain pass, Belledonne. Videos of a ski jum : 1st  attempt.  2nd one   :)

22th to the 24th of march 2008
Hiking in the Vosges with members of the forum randonner-leger.  Rain and Storms were expected, finally, we had a really good weather and a lot of snow!! Some other pictures.

16th of march 2008
I went for a run around the monastery of the Great Chartreuse with Aurelien. Trailing in the woods is quite fun!!

15th of march 2008
2nd touring ski trip at the Grand Galbert (2561m). I was supposed to be alone but finally, I met Jean-Pierre at the parking and we did the hike together

9th of march 2008
My old buddies Morgan and Olivia came for the weekend. ' went party in downtown, looked for treasures called "cistes" and watched "be kind, rewind" at the movie theather.

8th of march 2008
1st touring ski trip for me with Cloé and Greg! Merlet mountain pass in Belledonne, Maurienne. Difference in altitude: 1200m.

2nd of march 2008
Short walk near the crest of Brouffier in the Taillefer range of mountains with  my flatmate Mathias and his 2 friends Sarah and Yann, Maud and Walid, a couchsurfer from Tunisia.  First time he saw the snow... that was quite an experience!

25th of february 2008
Evening with Alex, Franck, Lucie, Marion and Dje at the buffalo grill, Belfort... Indian ev'  :o)

23rd of february 2008
Gig from the band The Do, at the concert hall La Poudrière in Belfort.  Damn, that was good!

21st to 22nd of february 2008
Hiking trip in the National Parc of Mercantour. Vallée des Merveilles. Bivouak at the Arpette Mountain pass (2511m).

19th to 21st of february 2008
A couple of days in Antibes visiting Morgan at Lore and Romain's place.

16th to 18th of february 2008
Winter holidays. At last! Back for a weekend in Belfort. Guitar Heroe (computer game) evening with Dje and Marion. Dinner at Nanou's place. A walk in the Vosges with Rox' and Marianne. Very clear weather.... we could see the Alps from here!

9th and 10th of february 2008
Taillefer (2857m) with Cloe. Bivouak on the Top! From l'Alpe du Grand Serre, crest of Brouffier, petit Taillefer, Lake Fourchu, Lake Poursolet.

2nd and 3rd of february 2008
Short hike in Chartreuse. "Premiere" crampons & ice-axe. ' couldn't reach the summit of  the Charmant Som (1868m) : I left too late (it was almost 4pm when I started to walk) and the weather was too bad but I had a nice weekend though... Anyway, the view was still wonderfull in the morning.

26th and 27th of january 2008
Hiking light meeting and hike in Jura, Switzerland. Winter bivouak and a wonderful weather for the whole weekend

21st of january 2008

 Couchsurfing meetingPhoto exhibition.

13th of january 2008
' just  moved in my new house near Grenoble...

24th of december to the 11th of january 2008
Holidays in Alberta, Canada. 2,5 weeks in Calgary, Lethbridge, the Rockies...

8th and 9th of december 2007
Marion and Jérome, 2 friends from Belfort, are visiting me for the weekend. We decided to go for a hiking trip and try to find the mysterious cabin of Goupette!

1st and 2nd of december 2007
1st solo bivouak above 2000m, at the rock Cornafion.

24th and 25th of november 2007
Weekend in the openned cabin of Fontaine Noire, in Maurienne.

17th and 18th of november 2007
Week end in Hautes-Alpes, near Embrun. Pic de Morgon. CouchSurfing meeting.                                                                                                                                 

10th and 11th of november 2007
Short hike in Chartreuse near the Dent de Crolles, and party on saturday ev' in an opened refuge

1st to 4th of november 2007

4-days-Hiking-trip  in the Vosges

20th of october 2007            
Taillefer (2857m) with Alban, Lisa-lou and Sophie  

13th of october 2007 
Day walk on the Eastern balcony of Vercors.We climbed on the top of the Cornafion.


6th-7th of october 2007  
2 days Hiking trip in Chartreuse, around the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse. Bivouak under the Gran Som

30rd of septembre 2007
sortie vercors Small walk at the Moucherotte.

23rd of septembre 2007
Croix de Belledonne (2926m)

8th and 9th of September 2007
Bivouak in the Natural Reserve of the High Plateau in Vercors. Grand Veymont (2341m).

25th and 26th of August 2007
First solo bivouak with a tarp. Natural Reserve of the High Plateau and Eastern balcony of Vercors. Grande Moucherolle.

27th of July to the 2nd of august 2007    
A week in North Italy with Flo. 3 days in Bolzano visiting Frank, and 3 days hiking trip in the Dolomites.

9, 30 et 1st of july 2007
eurocks Eurockéennes 2007.

15th of May to the 2nd of June 2007

Trip to Russia.  Oulu / Helsinki / Moscow / Volga region: Samara / Kazan / Nizhny Novgorod / St Petersburg / Helsinki / Oulu. Approx. 5000km, 2 weeks and a half.


21st to 22nd of april 2007

Crazy trip to Vaasa. Husky Rescue gig.


2nd to the 10th of march 2007
Trip to Bulgaria  

10th -11th of february 2007     
Finnish snowshoe hiking championship.

26th to the 28th of january 2007 
Weekend ski in Ruka. One night in a Lean-to shelter by -17°C, the other one in an openned cabin along the pieni karunkierros trail. With Matthias.

20th and 21st of january 2007
A weekend near Kuhmo, in Kainu (Eastern Finland), close to the Russian border. Crazy party in the Juurikkajoki wilderness cabin.

24th to the 28th of november 2006
Week end in Tallinn with Anita, Isa and Petr. Wild  Couchsurfing experience!! Gogol Bordello gig at the Cable Factory, Helsinki.

25th to the 27th of october 2006
3 days hiking trip in Kilpisjärvi Wilderness Area, with Adam, Thomas, and Nuno.

August 2006
Hiking trip along the Karhunkierros trail with the Smurf! 4 days, 70km.

April 2006
Trip to Portugal. First Couchsurfing experience!

July- August 2005
Trip to Togo and Benin

August 2004
Trip to Norway

August 2003
Trip to Ireland